Demystifying “lucky draw coupons for all” at malls

If you are living in a major city in India like Bangalore and have visited malls, you might have noticed that lucky draw coupons are offered to whoever enters the mall. A lot of us have at least once filled in those coupons with our name and phone number and handed them over. Have we ever realized that they give the coupons for everyone who enters the mall whether they buy anything or not. Sounds fishy?

If you did enter yourself in such a lucky draw, a few days or weeks later you would get a call from an unknown number declaring you as one of the prize winners in the lucky draw and that you could collect the prize by visiting some location that is mentioned. If you’re an unmarried person, you would be told that only a couple can come and collect the prize. You would even be suggested to send a couple who could be related to you or be your friends or anyone who would do it for you.

A lot of people would be put off by the “couple” requirement and possibly by the prize distribution location’s distance from your home. If you weren’t, you’d be promised thoroughly that there wouldn’t be any hidden clauses or conditions to collect the prize. To enlighten people faced with similar situations, here’s my experience in pursuing it further.

A few times I hadn’t trusted the whole lucky draw and “you have won a prize, no hidden clauses or conditions” thing and ignored it. But my mother, new to the city and its happenings, was always intrigued by this lucky draw prize thing and wanted to pursue it further and see what happens.

So recently when I got a similar call from an unknown caller proclaiming that my mother had won a prize and the same blah blah blah, I told my mother about it and asked her if she was interested in venturing out to collect the prize. She was very much interested and since the prize distribution location that they mentioned was not too far away from my place, I decided to join my parents.

After we reached the landmark near which the gift distribution location was supposed to be located, we found nothing at all. I called the “you’ve won a prize” messenger again and asked him about the location. He apologized and asked us to travel further and reach an another location a couple of kilometers away. Even at that time he didn’t give the exact details of the location. Since we were motivated to see it through to completion, we boarded a bus and went to the new location. Nope, nothing there anywhere in the vicinity of the place he had asked us to get down.

On calling him again, he gave instructions to walk in one particular direction till we come near a “Country Club Resort” and enquire the security guard at the resort who would show us the location. My radar smelled something fishy at the mention of “Country Club” but my parents were still imagining a building near the Country Club resort where the prizes would be distributed.ย We reached the Country Club resort and the guard asked us to go to the underground parking lot of the resort.

There was a small office operating there and I could see a few couples coming in and going out. I went in and asked the receptionist about the gift and a we were asked to wait. A few minutes later we were told that there would be a presentation for an hour’s time at the end of which we could collect our prize. My innocent parents were imagining some prize distribution ceremony that could be an hour long with a lot of guests and speakers. Kaboom! Back to reality! We were then taken into a room full of small round tables with chairs around them. There were couples seated in each of those tables talking to one “presenter” and there was blaring music.

We sat in one of those tables with one of those presenters, who told us about our prize – a kitchen item and a couple of sponsored items from Country Club. He told us that we would be getting our prizes at the end of his presentation on a promotional offer provided by Country Club and that we would be getting our prizes irrespective of whether we buy the product being sold. At that moment I realized what we we had gotten into. They had deliberately not revealed “Country Club” till the last moment as a lot of people would have backed off on hearing it.

The salesman asked us some questions to fill in a survey form. Then he kept talking on and on about the benefits of buying a Country Club resort membership under the promotional offer. Since I couldn’t hear him clearly due to the loud music, I kept nodding my head at regular intervals. My parents very much liked his style of presentation, but they never had any intention to go ahead with the offer. So the presenter redirected his focus towards me trying to impress me into buying it. The price was revealed only at the very end of the presentation after about 90 minutes of showcasing exotic holidays, excellent facilities, the convenience and value provided by the Country Club membership and it was a 6 digit figure. The salesman didn’t know that I wouldn’t splash so much money on luxury and entertainment when there are a lot of people with their basic needs unmet. Seeing that I hadn’t yielded he started advertising partial down payments and attractive monthly EMI.

As it was getting late into the night and well past my dinner time, we asked him to complete his presentation and give us the gift so that we could leave. That triggered the strategy of asking us to wait for a couple of minutes to generate the gift vouchers online and while we were waiting, the salesman started trying to convince us to buy. The cycle of being asked to wait a few more minutes for the gift voucher and facing the blatant canvassing continued for about half an hour. It could have continued further if all the other salesmen and their prospective customers weren’t done with their presentation and left the hall.

The couples who had agreed to buy the membership card were taken inside a special room in the office and given prizes and possibly some additional goodies. We were just asked to go out to the parking area and they just dumped the prizes – a gift wrapped box and a couple of vouchers, in our hands and we left the place.

I told my parents that the people behind these “lucky draws” had used the “lucky draw” and the greed of the people to try and win more customers for their product. By following a “gift coupon for everyone” approach, they collected the contact details of thousands of people to canvass them into buying the club membership.

In case you’re still awake and not bored after reading this far and want to know what the gifts were, here are the details. We got a box containing 6 ice cream glass bowls from an unbranded local maker, a voucher for our family to enjoy the facilities at a Country Club resort on a weekday within a month’s time and a free accommodation in 3-5 star hotels on during our holiday tours provided we pay the minimal taxes of about Rs.4000, valid a for a year. The voucher was not signed by a person of authority as required and that made it invalid and useless.

So did we really get free gifts? Nope. We had invested our time and effort and showed a lot of patience in sitting through the “presentation” and also unintentionally gave our names and mobile number to them. Fair enough. Nothing in this world is free. So just think twice before you reveal your personal details in the hope (greed?) of winning a prize without spending a single rupee.

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  1. I would have gone the previous week if it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t know any couples who were free that weekend. You were also away at Trichy. Thank god, I didn’t go to this horrendous misuse of people’s data, time and energy.

    • Fuck!!! We escaped!
      We had exact same experience n every step mentioned by Guruprasad L. We felt most of their behavior fishy. They even offered life time talwalkers gym membership, Zumba,sports, resorts…blah blah even if v enroll for a smallest package. V went to collect the gift n the way they were trying to convince us n bargain…n exchange looks with each other…while convincing lol was complete fraud pattern. We rejected the offer n wanted to move out…but they asked to wait to fill feedback n dint give feedback form huh. They escorted us to the vallet parking table n gave the gifts. Gifts include useless offer for 4tl days stay in Goa/bankok/Malaysia + ganesh photo impression on solver foil + that hopeless ice cream glassware bought from China bazaar. After I came out…I tried to call those contact# from where I got the call n also surprisingly the customer service number of the globaltaj PRIDE services…NON OF THE NUMBER WERE WORKING. It’s a perfect Fraud activity. I’m not sure why there is no Police intervention in these matters.

      • And not to mention…we had this experience in Khatria hotel in Somajiguda. How are the Hotels
        accommodating these fraudulent activities??

      • Ha ha..
        I too got call today, to come and attend along with spouse.. sound fishy.. I said okay.. now they keep calling me day and night..

        You save me..

        • Even I gave my details in a mall at Bangalore last week. Today I got call. But this happened once before my marriage as well. So I knew they are going to call for sure. This time I told them M not in town. But I got curious what do they do actually after we go there. So I googled and found this interesting article. Thanks for enlightening me. But I feel fooled by giving my details to them.. M thinking they may even use our details for other activities in future??? Shit man.. i wouldn’t have given… ๐Ÿ™

    • I have heard of similar stories not exact ones. Besides I just accompanied my parents who were curious about it and wanted to know what was at the other end of the tunnel, despite my warning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. And sorry for lame remark, but your human verification things is a crap ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I doubt my granny will ever be able to play that game to comment on ur blog!!


  3. I tend to agree on your feedback regarding the human verification challenge. I wanted to stop using reCAPTCHA for a lot of reasons and this is just a stop-gap measure until I fix it forever. If my blog post impresses your granny enough to make want to comment, I am really happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. thanks a ton !! I was just about to get into that trap !!…I got a call this morning from this lucky draw crap .I went to a mall yesterday and got that coupon with country club written or it,but i noticed that there was no serial number ,code or anything printed on it (first fishy thing), this morning, I got a call saying they are calling from Eros club instead of country club (second fishy thing), then they were insisting on bringing my hubby along !! (now I know why)… and until now , I was sure of going.but like yours, my radar too was catching some not so good vibes about all after some net-surfing, found your web and some other information about this country club thing. a big thanks to you for helping me save myself from any trap …god bless u !.

  6. I was about to take my grandparents along. You saved me from unwanted waste of time, money and energy. Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Got similar call today. Had 3 people calling me. I smelt desperation in their attempt and decided to google. Thank God I did.

    • Same here. Got a call last year but my husband told me it’s a trap, so I didn’t go and this year on today got a same call from them and thought that they are so good but at the time when nobody is ready to give 2 rs tp anyone why they are offering so much. But thank god I have Google it and got all those information.Now I am writing this and also they are calling now and I am not receiving. Thank you so much. Mr. Guruprasad.

  8. Hi, Even Today I got the call from unknown number. First they called for verification, and after some days they called and asked to come for collecting the prize at some location. And that too with married couples only. When I insisted about this they told some function is there in that location only for married couples. Then I have seen your blog, which helped me a lot. Thanks for your post.

  9. Thanks for sharing such a important information .Else I would hv wasted my time .Becoz i also got similar call and I was planning to go thr .

  10. Thanks bro. I also got the same call from them saying that i got a prize and will be given in a Mall.

    I just goggled it and found your article, which was very helpful. Ya it is right in this world nothing is free.

    thanks for writing this article.

  11. Thank you for this blog that saved me too from hours of wasting time. I was almost ready to give a visit before i googled and found this site.
    My lesson learnt after this lucky draw scam is to always consider the possibility of trap when something is offered for free/cheaper rate.

  12. You are getting quite a lot of thanks of late. I’ll add mine too, thank you Mr Guruprasad. They called and it was exactly same story. We were about to go.

  13. I too got same call. I was in doubt, and googled it and reached here.
    Thank you all who shared these feedback – this saved my time.

  14. Glad I found your blog, I already knew this is some kind a scam, but wanted to make sure what they actually do there. The lady who called was like ” are you coming for sure sir ?” That is when I smelled something fishy. Thanks a ton for the post.

  15. Thanks for sharing this useful information. You saved my time and effort by writing this useful blog. Wonder whether such a rampant misuse of personal information is legal!

  16. Thanks guru prasad… you have changed my mind at last minute
    we were planning to go there actually …..the above entire story is matching ๐Ÿ™‚ lolz
    no doubt its a very good post and good info from your blog
    Thanks Again

  17. You actually saved me from spending my valuable time, my one day CL and a lot of fuel money and lastly my wife’s kick too (JK). Thanks a ton ! I reside in Mumbai !

  18. Thanks Man. You are a Time Saver…
    In my Case they also added they are also giving Silver Coins as gift. ..
    I asked them to Use the Kitchen Set to Cook their own A** and Coat it with Silver Coins..:):)

  19. Thanks a lot! I was about to visit with my parents! Even I got a call and they told me that I have won 30,000/- worth of gifts.Yeah, he did mention about the trip package.Even a educated professional like me gets fooled.Just think about the innocent ones who fall in prey for this.

  20. Thanks a lot. I referred this blog to my unmarried colleague who was all disappointed because he would miss the 30K worth gift. He had visited Forum mall in koramangala few days back.

  21. I’ve got these calls too. And they are a very persistent bunch who keep trying their luck even when told that we couldn’t visit their gift-giving locations. “Why do you want to give up a thirty thousand rupees gift, sir?” They do say they are calling from “shopping mall reception” and are evasive when asked which shopping mall.

  22. Just wanted to know if the free coupons they give is valid.
    If yes, then listening for 1 hr for 25000 free gift coupon is ok.

  23. I had always thought that the people distributing those luck draw coupons is nothing more than a way of collecting your name and number and then passing it on the telemarketing companies. But, I was wrong. This nexus is bigger than that.
    As always I was offered the coupon at the shopping mall which I declined. But, my wife filled in this. Next day, we got a call that we are the **lucky** winners and prizes should be collected that day itself. When I told, I cant come that day and they can go ahead and give it to other person, they said they would arrange it for me on my convenient day. So, Sunday was fixed as the auspicious day for me (or rather us, because spouse is mandatory) to collect the prize.
    They did not divulge that i have to come to countyr club until I was close to 10 m of their specified address. Then, we went inside and the same thing that was recited over the phone told me and my acceptance of wasting 1 hour was taken. I asked the receptionist if she can show me the gift coupons that are to be given away and she says that it is not ready yet and takes 1 hour for them to generate online. LOL !! I laughed right on her face and she would have felt embarassed, if she would not had been trained to take all these and talk this nuisance.

    We were then seated in a room in front of a CCTV camera (no clue, why!!!!) and explained all the AWESOME benefits which ran into 10 pages or so. WOW.. Had they not been from country club, I would have surely fell for it. Finally, I told them i would get back to which they persuaded me a lot to give some advance money starting from 45k down to 1k.

    Then came the time for parting gift, which was promised. Yes, we did get the kitchen set(non branded glass bowls) and gift coupons. First one was holiday voucher of 25k for which I need to pay only 5.5k at the time of using those. I came home and tried to book their resort and it says i should pay 16k for food and other charges for 6N/7D. Same for 3N/4D is ~10k. Still an ok deal considering that one would be getting accomodation + food (if there is no other catch also involved). Another voucher that they gave is for a day outing in their resorts in Bangalore. If there is nothing hidden on it, I think my 1 hour was worth , I have atleast 4 vouchers of day outing..

    Apart from that, all the WOW offers that they offered. Just remember – There are no free lunches in life and if something is too good to be true, it wont be.!!!

  24. Thanks a ton for writing this. I just got a call telling all the gifts crap and immediately googled it. You saved me from this ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I just got a call today, and it sounded fishy the moment he said about the 30k gift voucher that I had one. Immediately after that I searched the net and found this article. Really a helpful one.

    • i also got a call from from a lady from this number +914040042611(at manjeera mall kukatpally).
      at the time of call i little bit excited but after some time when they told only for
      couples i realised it will be a fraud and then again i realised there is nothing in this
      world is free……..because free gifts or what ever it is only for their profits only ……
      or it may be a sinfull acts…Dont trust such phone calls…

  26. Today i got a call. Thanks for the information. The contact which was given is a fake one. So i googled immediately to get this known. This blog site worth millions dude. Thanks to all…

  27. I got this call couple of times. You can easily make out this at the first call itself as their conversation is very fishy and doubtful. Thanks

  28. Woo great. Thanks a lot.
    Today I got the same call from Koramangala Forum Mall and they were asking for married couple only. So I was ready to make a wife for one hour. Oh now I don’t want prize.
    Thanks to save my and my could be wife’s time.

  29. Thanks for sharing this useful information. You saved my time and effort by writing this useful blog. Wonder whether such a rampant misuse of personal information is legal!

  30. It is 2017 and the same old trick continues. I got a call, I did ask over the call how come you are giving it for free. His explanation is that 5th Year Anniversary, and also No body knows about our company, and so the gift. First doubt – 5 years and no one knows about the company?

    Next I asked for the timings and he told it was just gift giving ceremony for “30 mins” and 20 families only selected. I told 5.00 pm is peak traffic time and I cannot come, immediately he offered a time change to 6.00 pm – 30 min function and one hour time change? – 2nd Doubt….

    In spite of me confirming that I will come but will not spend a single rupee or get into any trap, he spent another 10 mins telling me about vouchers etc repeatedly and also told i need not pay – Why say ‘you need not pay’, ‘no strings attached’ multiple times even after my confirmation of coming? 3rd Doubt.

    On googling, came across many reviews on lucky draws against the company name. Came across this detailed blog also – Lucky was I for not getting into the trap.

    Visited their site – Definitely did not seem to be genuine – on the testimonials page, when clicked on reviews, was redirected to countryclubindia site which was not the original site i visited – 4th Doubt

    Checked for registrant info : Was protected – Well did not want to spend more time on digging more info – My opinion – All Bakwas…..

  31. Hey, thanks for sharing. I got a similar call today. The lady on the other side asker for Madhuri (I don’t know who) so I said wrong number and was just to cut the call when she started saying that I am selected as lucky winner & I would get kitchen set and 6D/7N package and gift vouchers and Imagica Passes etc. I asked her from where did she got my number which she replied that , she got it from PVR lucky draw scheme and that this is a promotional activity of their company. She insisted that I will not have to share any of bank details/ credit card details and I can just come and collect the gifts from a hotel (she SMSed the address) until then I was in the impression that it was for Madhuri and not me so I told her that she can give it to Madhuri, but she said since my number was given so I will get the prize. Then she said that I will have to come with my wife ( which I obviously don’t have) so I said I will send my brother alone and you hand over the gifts to him. She was insisting to send couple only anybody from family or friends.
    She kept on saying that recipient should come as couple only. She also said that I can google he company and that’s how I landed on your page.

    I am planning to send my brother (single) there as he works in the nearby area. Let’s see what happens next. Will definitely update if something interesting happens.

  32. Be aware of such coupons and calls. They are useless and wastage of time and money….. The above narrated are facts…. Good article…

  33. I got a call 10 mins back. The guy was asking me to be at some not so popular place in the city in next 2 hours. Sounded fishy and i googled about this and i got to this blog. When i searched for the function hall that he mentioned there was no such place in the road that he indicated. Instead as this blog mentioned there is a country club office exactly on that road. While i am tryping this comment he called me up again and was pestering me to come and not miss out on a opportunity to collect free stuff. He was asking me to talk to his manager in case i don’t trust them. I declined all his offers and disconnected the call. I guess i will get calls from these guys again and i may have to add these numbers to call reject list.

    Thanks a bunch to Guru and all others who shared relevant info about this; it helped to save my time and effort.

  34. Wow!! Some days back, in dillihaat (Delhi), my sis and I were approached by a man to fill in a form for a lucky draw. If selected we could go to any location hot spot in India. My sis declined, intrigued I decided to fill it. A day or two later, got a call from someone name Neha. She told me I have striked gold ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and won a voucher worth โ‚น10k from vibes beauty salon where I could pamper myself and also stay in some hotels for three nights and 4 days as a promotional give away. I was already excited….so far sounds like I have suddenly got very lucky which prior to this has never happened in my life ๐Ÿ˜† and she insisted I was suppose to come with my spouse! I told her, I am unmarried but she said I could call anyone to redeem the prize. I got very suspicious because what sort of lucky draw insist on couples only to just pick up a voucher. Already doubtful I text Neha via sms to send me what the name of her company was. She replied country club, I googled and here I am. Safe myself from some sinister avarice pseudo company called country club. She called me again and I told her, by the virtue of being single I’m disqualified and I couldn’t find any married friends around. She immediately kept the phone in a hush hush way….I could hear her disappointment ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ I find the whole thing ridiculous and would definitely look back and laugh on my rainy days!
    Thank you for writing this, you don’t know how much I am indebted to you. Great job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  35. Its been almost 3 years and still they are doing by different names, Big Thanks to you *GURU* saved time and money both. This time they go by the name of Reliance. People like you who love to share will be blessed ever forever.

    Still in April 2017, these things going but have different faces.

  36. I hate these lucky draw schemes planners. How sick you people can be.. looting the money from the innocent people to get your livelihood by fooling them…!!.. You cheap minded planners.

  37. Fake promotional activities should be stopped by Country Club. Their representative are too bad and had no manners to treat people. I had a stay in past at Country Club but now i will never go to any resort of Country Club after becoming a victim of their false promotional activity and bad behavior at pentagon mall haridwar.

  38. I just received a similar all and was wondering if it’s genuine. Simply Googled Hypercity Lucky draw and this blog page appeared. Of course not going for the “Prize Distribution Ceremony” after reading this.

    Thanks for saving my time, energy and Petrol. God bless you!!

  39. I’m so happy to see this post.. 2013 you posted…,now its been 4years…same frauds running…. Today i got a call nd saying same shit… Total 30k gift… In that 4000rs surprise gift and 1000rs kitchen set and 25000 rs gift voucher for some resort accommodation…. So funny world… This lucky draw was happened outside of “MORE SUPERMARKET, BANGALORE”. Anybody coming out from the mall, they will give the card to write name and number.. Fraud teams….

  40. Thank you .. You saved me from this trap. I just got a call from a guy wen i went to central mall bangalore .

  41. An eye opening description. Yes, nothing in this world is free.
    I actually got a call like this in the afternoon today. Asked to come with family. Luckily, I happended to read about Guruprasath’s experience now. Thank God. I have now dropped my plan of visiting their office with family in the evening. I think we all need to keep a check on our greed to have a peaceful life.

  42. First of all thanks bro for your valuable time to write this post. You’re saving many people’s time by this way, and more importantly, you’ve saved us from being trapped by such means.

    Adding my words in the context, the trained deceitful actors show their alacrity to offer what you never imagined to hear right in the morning just after you visited the mall.

    Conclusively, people please do not sign such offer coupons neither accept them if you already did. Spread this to your near and dear so that they also could not be victim of this kind of counterfeit

  43. Assuming this was written sometime in 2013, today we received the call in 2017, they are still going on with their devious scheme.

  44. Thanks a lot guys..I too received the same call today..and was about to go ..after reading this article I understood that nothing will be provided cheaply..we should get each and everything with our effort and money..Thanks a lot for clearing my doubt on lucky draws

  45. Thanks bro… Really nice of u that u thought of at least giving some time and writing of your experience and to save so many people from getting into the spam or trap.

  46. Oh my god! i would have got into this trap, in fact i would have traveled from a distance for it as they tempted me with free gifts like kitchen set, Rs.25000 worth shopping coupons and something else. Then i realized the obvious that nothing would be so easy and free. Just checked online and found this article. Thank you so much for writing on this blog. You wrote it long back, still saving many. Thank you very much. I had shopping at More super market in Hyderabad and got a call. saved my time. thanks once again

  47. Thanks a lot for giving the information and sharing your experience with lucky draw coupin and how they mislead all people. It shave our day.

  48. I just got a call about this, she talked about same gifts same as you have mentioned in the blog. It seems like these people haven’t changed their script, they should have at least few things to make it believe.
    Anyway thanks for this. Saved my time and effors.

  49. I got two calls one says they give free insurance for reliance life
    as promotional offer and another is global taj free traveling all over India for a vacation and stay in lux. hotels.

    Both asked me to come with Husband and Wife otherwise entry is not permitted for single either wife or husband.

    More details not revealed. But I did not go there thinking
    it is a waste of trying unknown free offers.

  50. I had a similar call from reliance mart pune, Aundh.Now I am sure why they were confirm that I won’t find their lication easily .Lol.Look at the following message I received.
    Mr.pravin deshpande 8007084585
    Office no 403, 4th floor Deron Deron Opp to hotel Mahableshwar, Baner Road, Pune ATTEND 60 MIN program Husband and wife.
    Keep away from frauds.

  51. Thanks for your valueble suggestions. I got a call from them yesterday,this time the they said I won the 30,000 worth coupans of brand factory and 2 days free resort package and 1000 worth dine in restaurent. once again thank u for all spending your valuable time for letting the people what exactly going on there.

  52. Its a shame to our system. What are they doing and not taking any action against these fraud companies.

    Its been 4 years to this post but still these fraud companies are running without any fear.

    “Grand Tourio” in Mumbai is the same shit. They are looting people by offering good holiday package and took 1.5 lac or more from people, and afterwards don’t provide anything that promised. You can check many consumer complain against “Grand Tourio”. But still company is there and on regular basis they loot people.

    We people earned money by 9-5 job from so many years. We have not saved our money to just give it to the beggars like “Grand Tourio” and many more like the same. It really hurts a lot.

    Is there any solution anyone can suggest to take strict action and can shut these fraud forever?

  53. Today i got a call from ABHI , global proud lucky draw agency and asked to come to some HOTEL (sandhya) to collect the coupon, 5 grm silver coin, and gift Voucher. He told that i will receive a text message to mobile with address and details.

    I am hoping this is like fishing step 1.

  54. Thanks every1 for your time and effort. We got similar call today on 9th Sept 2017 _ Mumbai (thane location)
    Same set of details and gift voucher worth 99k ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ stay in some good locations, as usual insisted on couple thingy and kitchen hamper etc.
    You all saved our time and energy. More thanathan anything else, the fact that some1 can take you for a ride is more disturbing.


  55. Thanks lots bhaii
    I am also receiving these call on days but its really nice guys like you still want aware /Care of other..

  56. Man, thanks for spreading the good work like this. I happened to trust google and wanted to search something on this and your blog was saviour for me. Crap things, they keep calling and irritating!!
    Thanks budd for sharing this, saving our time.

  57. Hi I am from Mumbai. I am also being cheated and am the one of the victim of hundred peoples. They operate in many states with a different company name- In mumbai, it is a Grand Tourio and in Gujarat, it is a World tourio. They will never give back our money once we paid. My request is do not ever participate in any free lucky draw if anyone approach from mall.

  58. Today I got the call from an unknown number and the lady informed me about winning prizes exactly in the same manner as written in blog and told me that only couples are allowed .After searching I found this article and now I have decided not to go. Thanks for the information.

  59. Thank you so much for your post…….It saved me today.Just got a call with same offer i.e stay in 3 star hotel,kitchen appliances bla bla..

  60. I too got call from prestige group lucky draw velachery, Thank guru for sharing this, as it helped me, it will help others too. Thanks for your time.

  61. Thanks for sharing such a important information .Else I would have wasted my time .Because i also got same call and I was planning to go there .

  62. Holly crap!! I was planning to visit the venue.. before that i just googled about it and found your post.
    Trust me you have saved my time and a duplicate partner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. If some one calls up asking you to come to 3rd floor SV Towers consider it as fraud. Its Country Vacation and not exactly country club. I went to the place, but not really paid money they asked for.

  64. I filled up a similar form at SPAR, Gachibowli, Hyderabad on 11th Dec and on 13th, I got a call from an unknown no. A girl named “Reshma” was on the other end of the line. She couldn’t even pronounce my name properly. She mentioned to me that I was selected in a lucky draw contest and should visit them the next day around 4 P.M. And if was unmarried I should take my parents along with me to the ceremony. She took my parent’s name for RSVP and told me she would SMS me the details about the Venue “Dreams of Pearl, 4th Floor, Reliance Classic building, Banjara Hills” from where I can collect my prize(s).

    Thanks to you for sharing your first hand experience with these kind of Spams/Scums. You’ve seriously saved my valuable time.

  65. Thanks bro,
    Your post is still valid even after 4.5 years, people are still getting such calls. I just got a call today from a similar group.

  66. Hi everyone,
    Recently I got a call , and it was happened me like same thing, but unfortunately I convinced .. the result is the service they mentioned Is complete fake promise no internet Free emi option charging 13% , and no rental opt-in , I didn’t receive the cards it’s already 20 days if I am asking about it they are asking me to pay remaining amount. Please help me what to do I was a newly married couple, I has lot of problem can any one suggest me to get back my money.

  67. Thanks buddy for such alert. I was also got a call so I searched on google. Every time they call like this and this time I was gonna be in trap. ๐Ÿ™‚ . Thanks I am safe now.

  68. .Attnd 60 Min Family gift distribution Program.Maried Couple Entry.(hus+wife) compulsory… Friday 4,5,6,7pm

    Your confirm Gifts
    1) kitchen Article set.
    2)Family trip packge.
    3)Imagica Couple passes.

    I got this in mumbai…I m not going ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. 4 years later, the scam still lives and I got my call today. Irony is neither I nor my girlfriend remember sharing our details anywhere. The only time we had gone out in the last month was to PVR where I filled out a membership form for their rewards point club. They’re working with these scammers apparently and while my membership wasn’t processed, my contact details have been passed on.

    Thankfully, knowing the area well, I knew that there are no offices or large buildings in the address they gave me , so googled my query and voila, your blog comes up, talking about the same modus operandi. WTG man! You’re a legend for helping all of us save our time.

  70. Thanks a lot GuruPrasad, my kids were really excited as they filled the lucky draw form and then your blog convinced them

  71. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I request everyone to name & shame the people they deal with so that other people are not fooled by these scammers.

    I had given my details at Hypercity mall in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
    I got a call twice. First time I was too busy to respond properly. Second time I spoke to them normally to gather their details & share online.
    I asked the person on the call to send me the address. Here is the details I received:



    The venue address is mentioned below,

    Office No 412/413, V Time Square bldg, 4th Floor, Sector 15, Palm beach road Belapur CBD.

    1)7D6N Stay Accommodation Voucher
    2)Kitchen Article Set
    3)Magic gift voucher

    Come with your Spouse, Attend only 90 mins function and Collect ur all 3 Assured Gifts Free.

    (Mahesh Deshmukh was the name hee told me over the phone)

  72. Hi
    Thanks a lot for alerting us. I dont understand why people who attend the function don’t call the police to bust this racket there and then.
    I got a call today morning and the first thing I did was write to the Police Commissioner of my city. He immediately activated this team. A search party is out as I am writing this post.
    It is a matter of safety of citizens. What if in the function you are drugged with food and drinks and they do something nasty. How can malls allow such third party promotors to distribute lucky draw coupons and get our name and numbers ? When we go inside a mall, any promotor there should be authorised by the mall and the mall should check the credentials and the credibility of all offers of the promotors before allowing them.
    When I am shopping inside Reliance mall for example and someone walks upto me with a lucky draw coupon, I assume it is Reliance staff and I end up trusting them with my name and number but it turns out to be a fraud third party operator.

    So please try to complain to the police as a responsible citizen so that they can crack down on such fraud nexuses.

  73. I also have the same experience as narrated here.

    The same I got a box containing 6 ice cream glass bowls.

    Fortunately awake at a right moment, ignored it and left the place.

  74. I had live experience yesterday i.e on 11th Feb 2018 at #Liqizo Services, #Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar, Pune.
    I have unnecessarily wasted Rs 15,000.

    Waste of money
    Waste of time

    Third class gifts
    – 6 pieces plastic bowls.
    – Beauty salon coupon with just 15% off.
    – Eagle boys pizza coupon of Rs 100, but I have to pay min Rs 300.
    – Movie tickets, verbally…we didn’t get any tickets. They said they have contacts at Inox, Amanora. He will manage.
    – Holiday coupon..first they said its all free….but later in the coupon, I have to spend Rs 4000 for India tours and Rs 9000 for abroad.

    Its a big fraud…we were fucked….weekend ka kharab kar diya.

  75. Thank u for the blog, I got this message today and back to back calls from Aarti in Pune, i knew it was some promotional thing but when they said you don’t have to pay anything, I decided to Google it, I was about to go but you saved me the time-
    Add:-Amanora Town Center East Block Amnora Chembers 3rd Floor office no-328 Likizo Services Magarpatta Road Hadapsar Pune. Married Couple(Husband & Wife)entry Compulsory For 60 min we will explain you regarding gift voucher and how to use holiday voucher.

  76. Thank god i think this blog is only source of information which alert me.My wife got similar call from this guys as she filled some details at inox mumbai ,malad location, where few guy was standing inside inox and asking for some details.My wife thought they are inox guy and filled the detail as we were late for movie.

    On same day at night they called my wife and told she won some prize. and asked to come with family member at particular address .
    Your confirm Gifts
    1) kitchen Article set.
    2)Family trip packge.
    3)Imagica Couple passes.

    He gave some details about company a leading travel agency ,which i google and it was present online too. I thought let do some research before trusting this and i landed on this page and saw many people got this scam and wrong marketing trick call. which alerted me as i will definitely not going there.

    Thanks for this blog as this saves our time by going there and wasting our time.

  77. Even today your blog is valid!!
    I got a similar lucky draw call from Viviana mall (Mumbai), asked us to come for celebration at World Dept Store and collect confirmed gifts like:
    1) kitchen Article set
    2)Family trip package
    3) Rs. 99,000/- shopping vouchers
    4) Thyrocare Voucher

  78. Really helpful
    Just now got the call from them n they were telling same things what you have posted. I was about to get in this trap, thought to surf once on Google n met Ur post. Thanks man you saved my holiday. Thanks a lot again.

  79. Today I also got same call but unfortunately I did not Google about this so went there but there was no such location as mentioned in address. And came back with no harmful instance. Please be careful with fishy moments.

  80. Thanks for sharing your experience. I missed going there twice because of unavailability of other half and always wondered what would have I got. Everywhere else I saw people telling how smart they are by not going there but no one told what actually would have happened.

  81. Thank you man,
    Actually today my wife received the same call of lucky draw from some blah blah company, which we filled at movie theater INOX,They were offering a silver coin,Kitchen set and and a Travel vouchers… she really felt mischief about it,then we goggled it and find out about it.

  82. Thanks for this detailed information. I also got a call today afternoon from unknown no saying that u r the lucky winner n blah blah blah. And I am also planning to visit but thank god I searched about it on internet and I got this information from you.
    Thank u so much for awaring us from these fraud people.

  83. I got this after she called me and tried to convince me that maam we are full 5-star hotel. This is in Delhi!

    Respected -Sir/madam

    Address:- C-103 1ST floor, Ansal plaza mall , Hudco place, khelgaon marg newdelhi – 110049.

    1) 7days & 6nights free stay holiday voucher for india or abroad.

    2) A 10000/15000r VIBES unisex saloon voucher.

    (Note- Husband & wife and 30 minutes for voucher details.)

    REGARD-Alishah shekh

  84. Hello,

    Recently, I got into trap with Global Taj Pride Service Ltd, Hyderabad. At the mall, they given me a lucky draw coupon. After two day, they called me and said you have won the lucky draw, come along with spouse and receive the Prize. I went there within an hour. They told me to attend a 60-min seminar. All of other couples were also sitting in round table. Company member – a girl started showing various plans of free stay in three star and five-star hotel, free plot, sightseeing, free gym, resort pass, summer camp for children etc. I wasn’t interested in all these things. I had just gone to receive the prize I won. I was trying to come out from the seminar hall but they kept showing various plans/ schemes which were in lakhs. Within two hours they made my brain wash and made me to take the membership by paying Rs. 60,000/- Immediately one person from their company came and took my sign on agreement copy. I asked before the agreement to read but he said this will be with you only and nothing different have mentioned in the agreement than explained. After payment and sign they put the agreement in an envelope and asked me to come out for receiving prize and they gave me Kitchen (bowls) set, holiday pass coupon to visit abroad or within Indian for 6N and 7D by paying Rs. 16,000/ Rs.7000/-. This membership was for lifetime. Benefit they told was, one trip in a year for 2N/3D in a year for free stay in three stat / five-star hotel.

    When I came back to home, I read the agreement carefully and I realized that I am duped. In agreement, they have mentioned that, on every trip additionally, member has to pay Rs.6000/- as the maintenance charges on every trip. Sightseeing/ guide will be provided for only group of more than ten members not for couple. In bold and capital letters, they have mentioned in the pre- prepared one sided agreement that, the amount paid is not the deposit or refundable in any circumstances.

    I visited the company office for several times for cancel the agreement but they are not ready for it. Please guide me, what further step I need to take now on this situation.


    • I am also trapped into this. Not sure how to come out of it. We might think of making a group and think collectively what to do next.

  85. Thanks bro for alerting us. These calls are still on. I got 2 such calls, first one I ignored, I got another today and was thinking to take a chance. Fortunately I thought of googling it and found this post.
    Thanks a lot!!

  86. Thank You Soomuch for sharing such an important information…….
    the scam still lives and I got my call today….

  87. 15 mins back i did receive a call saying that I have won 3 free gifts.. and i just google about the same and read your review.

    Thank you so much for saving my time.

  88. Appreciate your efforts to put such a lively anecdote, its worth reading even by people who didn’t get calls yet,just to learn basic lesson of life, “Nothing is Free in the world” and why should it be?
    What feels bad is this mysterious advertising, God knows where it’d end!

  89. Congratulations you have 3 free and confirmd Gifts are
    1) kitchen Artical set.
    2)Family trip packge.3)Imagica Couple passes

    We got this message today. This is 2018 and still this guys kee doing this crooked job. Man I have no words to thank you. Kudos for writing this.

  90. I am the same trap call from likizo services. they are giving false commitment and not stict to thdir words.
    They are duping money and telling to pay at oncd or through credit card. All false promises.
    Please suggest how to refund my money back.
    I m following with the customer care.

  91. As per their call i visted the baner pune office yesterday 28july 2018 and got membership to silver by paying 5k as initial on total of 85k as discussed during presentation.
    All they have done is the false commit commitment false promises.
    They are no stick to what they said or told.
    No concrete plan not transparent.

    They are changing their statement every time.

    Also there are many lies that they have told that that its an 9 years old organization.
    Which is merely 1 year old.
    They agreed all 5 years AMC charges will be paid by them.aaonit wionbe free for us.

    After some time they told no it’s not paid and not free .I have to pay.Then again changed their statement it paid off from them for 1 year.
    I can’t believe in all.
    I have been trapped by your false statement and all.

    I need refund of my 5k.
    I am following up to sort the issue.

  92. Just got a same shitty call.. I almost believed everything! Anyway thank you ShivaKrishna for sending me the link. And thank you Mr Guruprasad for sharing such a horrible experience.

  93. These guys still running this fraud by the name of LIKIZO services in Pune amanora mall.
    All the positive reviews in the google are made up by them to fool people.

  94. Thank you Guruprasadji for sharing. Kind of you to take your valuable time in creating this post. God bless you.

    I got a similar call today. The moment they said only couples, 30 minute presentation and unbelievable gifts, i got suspicious. I googled and stumbled on your link. You saved me from
    wasting my Saturday.

  95. Thanks bro,

    I also had same call ,today mornig.
    And still these guys are fooling pepol in Pune.I decided not to go and make them fool.

  96. Thanks for sharing. Saving many people.

    Yesterday I went to INOX cinemas, Bangalore. Gave my details in INOX entrance. I thought it was a INOX cinemas program. Today I got call and asked me collect the prize with family. I felt phishy. I told not interested . They kept on calling many times.
    Don’t understand how INOX cinemas people allowed these fraud people inside.
    Becareful guys.

  97. Thanks for saving me!!
    I have got call following with this message:

    Attend 90 min Gift Distribution Program( hus-wife entry Compulsory.

    Only carry your ID proof

  98. I too got the same call …..but i m too smart i have recorded their voice call for my utube channel ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š.now from their voice call i m going to give them a surprising gift๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š… last thanku everyone

  99. Got a similar call. Im about to fall in their trap. Must thank this blog!

    “Goodevg sir Ramana here Venue Is In Fortune Monarch Mall 3rd Floor shop no.307 magnets, Jubilee Hills Road No.36, Pillar No.30, Opp Rangoli’s Showroom Beside Bata Showroom.Near to peddamma temple.Timing at 1:30pm to 2:30pm tommorow couples (wife& husband) mandatory.. coupon id:(hydxxxx).
    Thank You..!

  100. I got the call just now: 31st Oct, 2018.
    Thankyou for putting up this blog, out of curiousity I googled this case and could read your complete blog, thanks for the enlightenment, ha ha, God Bless!

  101. Really Informative and this article will help many to fall in such traps, I had got a call yesterday (5th Nov 2018), Had went to Phoenix mall Kurla, Mumbai for shopping on 4th Nov 2018. And have asked to come and collect the gift and fall for the same trap

  102. Kumar resort etc ..has a more elaborate scheme, they have a scratch card which has a prize and supposedly every 2-3 person wins … wife got a whiff of this and we escsped..they will ask your children to scratch that he card…which makes even more difficult to neglect …..

  103. Thanks for the nice article and enlightening me Guruprasad. I got a similar call as you mentioned and it did seem fishy to me for which i searched over internet and found your article. Thanks for saving our time and energy.

  104. Been there, done that. But, with the full knowledge of heading towards a scam. I just wanted to see how it works. I tried recording a video and wear a lapel, as Iโ€™m a film student and wanted to make a documentary on this subject, but the concealments kinda didnโ€™t work out. Also, I went along with my boyfriend and we told them that we were newly engaged.
    So I have a few theories. People who have had this experience, have you wondered what the loud music was for? I think it was because they didnโ€™t want us to hear what was going around in the other tables. When I was in that room, none of the other โ€˜potential takersโ€™ and their presenters left the room. And all of them, were kinda stiff and giving us swift looks and then going back to whatโ€™s happening at their own tables. I think they handle one client at a time and all the people in that room are actors. Maybe some real couples around but mostly actors. Itโ€™s just something that came across my mind.
    If I had successfully managed to take footage and audio, I think it wouldโ€™ve blown up on YouTube. ๐Ÿคฃ

  105. Hello. congratulation your coupon was selected Venue at gvk kool function hall beside begumpet life style shopping mall near to begmpet Railwaey station by today evening 4pm come and collect your free gifts family gifts genuine by couples (WIFE & HUSBAND) MANDATORY.

    From Hyderabad

    I got call two times from different persons as I visited two malls

  106. Got similar call after I shopped from Brand Factory Marathahalli(Bangalore)
    #Only couples allowed(come with Wife #Mandatory)
    #No need for any document for verification
    #You don’t have to pay any amount, it’s all free
    #Lucky me, I won 4 gift hampers(resort membership, crockery, movie tickets..)

    -> Thanks to this blog, saved my time ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Wow! This is as applicable as it was in 2013. I got a call from a number proclaiming I had won a “free gift” and the lady offered the same gifts, a luxurious vacation for free and a dinner glass set. You know what human tendency’s like! I was so so happy. But then, my rational mind started questioning the validity of this. I looked to the Big G for help and I wasnt disappointed!

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Pat yourself on your back that have saved many people’s time and energy! I was in the midst of an important research work when I got the call. Thanks to you, I only wasted 10 minutes of my time, not more!

  108. Guys,
    We have to thank Mr. Prasad for sharing his experiencing and alerting people against such fraudulents, but the problem is still continuing as no one is taking action by lodging a legal complaint against such fraudsters. As I have received a similar call today immediately sensed that there is something fishy in this.Thought of going there not for claiming the gifts but to catch hold of these guys and lodge an official complaint.

  109. Thanks for the post alerting many and saving their time. I too got a call today. Avoided going ๐Ÿ™‚ Your post was in 2013 and now it is 2019 still the scam continues. Unbelievable.

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