A shallow review of ‘Revolution 2020 – Love, Corruption, Ambition’

Chetan Bhagat has tried to create his style of love story with a strong message relevant to the present and has botched up both. The novel proceeds through a fairly linear plot. While that can be good at times, it provides very little scope for the reader to get a better view from other perspectives and hence the plot is as shallow as it could be. Incidents between the protagonist and his love interest is so clich├ęd and would be predictable even for those who haven’t read Chetan Bhagat’s previous better books. Focus on the message part of the plot is too little and I doubt if the intensity will make the readers to feel attached to it.

Revolution 2020 - Love, Corruption, Ambition

There isn’t much of the wit and light-hearted humour that were a key ingredient to the success of Chetan Bhagat’s books. The author has already proved that he can successfully touch the hearts of so many people and that is why a lot of people will still end up liking this book.

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  1. Yes, there are quite some glitches… the most is the CASABLANCA ending of the novel… He could have done it better of which he’s proven to be capable of.


  2. well chetan bhagat had the choice of quoting casablanca , in a modern indian scenario. , secondly , the why does everybody seems so freaking educated in bhagat’s novel , for that we have no answer , the distinction of characters are not so intense and thought out deep, i always imagine , chetans face in every attire , as if he is playing voices with his dummies. the only portion which seemed like a hollywood movie was the part where the narrator asks chetan , did i do a right thing… however , chetan answering it , made it over-dramatised , a good novel would have let the people free to decide.. hence without even being a distinct character in the book , chetan gets judged as one.

    we can compare the shortcut to success role of the narrator to that of the white tiger by aravind adiga , heaven and hell difference in the sketch .

    it is a book consisting of various moments , however , you remember a few.
    2.5-1(for setting a poor example of inspiration).

    =1.5 for bhagat’s revolution 2020


    1. It’s almost a year and half since I read the book and wrote the review and I barely remember anything from the book. While it was okay for Chetan’s face to show up in every character of his other books, a couple of which were loosely based on incidents in his life, it totally kills Revolution 2020. The kind of political story he has tried to concoct, not his cup of coffee and doesn’t suit his style.


  3. This is my first book from Chetan Bhagat, and I must say that I have become a big big fan of him after reading this book. Gosh! It’s so much practical and realistic. I simply enjoyed every page of this book with all my attention.


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