Today the results of my 7th semester exams were out. I hadn’t done a single exam well and obviously it showed in my results. My score ended up 8.29, pushing my CGPA from 9.10 to a tantalizing 8.99. Abhilaash as usual the topper by far at 9.71. I know I am deteriorating with my academic performances, but results such as these show that I can’t mug up and write pages and pages of bull-shit just to score marks. Most of the subjects seem to have such content since 5th semester and hence I’m consistently scoring below 9. I sincerely hope to change this trend and if possible score a perfect 10 in the final semester and give a chance for my CGPA to go beyond 9 again and gain a semblance of respectability

This year has been so tortuous for me with regards to academics and the trend clearly reflected in my results of the 6th semester exams. I scored 8.39 GPA, my lowest ever! This semester subjects involved a lot of memorising and writing loads and loads of pages. Unfortunately for me, I am miserably poor at memorising stuff. I can write pages and pages of stories, but even that is inhibited by my small handwriting due to which I write in 1 page what my friends write in 2-3 pages. So memory-wise and pages-wise I had a severe handicap. Also I didn’t do my internal tests properly which resulted in poor internal marks which virtually ruled out scoring above 90.

In fact, my highest internal mark was in ‘Numerical Methods’ subject at 25/30 which tells a big story in itself. The subject was one of the enjoyable ones in the semester and we had our beloved Dean who taught us so wonderfully that we didn’t realise the semester ended and the course for that subject was over. Hats off to the great man!

I didn’t do the exams well as my preparations weren’t there at all. I am happy and relieved that I didn’t fail in any of the subjects which would have been a big indelible blot that would have affected my life totally in all possible ways. Even in the last semester, I had noticed the beginning of the downfall but I didn’t do anything about it. Even in things that were in my control, I went astray and out of control and as a result, the results are there for all to see.

I am getting more and more interested in the real learning rather than what & how I learn in college courses. Being a server administrator in my college helps me learn a lot of wonderful things than the things which I can’t memorize from the book and reproduce verbatim in the exam.

All this apart, I have to pick myself up from the free fall I am in and score some very good marks to satisfy myself and all my near dear ones and of course for a better career.
Luckily for me, my CGPA has not gone below 9 and I am glad about it as probably this is the CGPA which I have to enter in my resume when I face placement interviews in this semester and immediately after this semester hopefully.


The one month holiday and the fortnight after it was spent in suffering and recovering from Jaundice. Though Jaundice hadn’t fully gone off, I decided to return to college after Pongal holidays and the doctor gave me clearance. But the flipside of coming to Madurai, staying at hostel and attending the college is that with the severe food restrictions imposed, what I can eat and what is being served in the hostel mess never ever overlap. So I’m restricted to eating my favourite curd rice for lunch and dinner and whatever is served for breakfast(Curd rice will not be served for breakfast 🙁 ). It includes eating the restricted food stuff. I fear something very bad will happen to my health due to it. I’m too lazy and have loads of works often that I cannot find time to go out and eat Idlis in the hotel for breakfast 🙁

The first few days of my return included 4 hectic working days(Saturday and Sunday included). I had virtually no time to breath lest cope with the missed lessons. Then there was the first internal test which came and went in a jiffy and I wrote all my exams without conviction and of course without any sort of preparation. Hence very poor marks can be expected, good marks should be a shock! 🙂

I also decided against going home for the weekend so that I could stay in hostel, relax, enjoy with my laziness and of course do some reading and catching up. In the midst of all these I will have to visit my Diabetologist, update him on my health condition and get his advice and opinions. Praying for progress in my health!